Aerial Activations is a team of highly skilled individuals with a vast depth of experience across the entire airsports industry. 
Together we assemble a world class talent pool, to take care of all airsports services and projects in house. 

From idea conception to content on your screens, we are here to work with brands, production companies and individuals in order to bring your aerial concept to life. 


Airsports & Stunt Coordination

Airsports displays in Skydiving / Paragliding / Paramotor

Content production for social media

Media production for TV & Feature Film

Sourcing & testing of bespoke airsports equipment from a range of reputable brands

Equipment rigging and aerial camera system development

Paragliding / Speedflying / Skydiving / BASE / Paramotor Instruction

Paragliding / Speedflying / Skydiving / BASE / Paramotor Tandems